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WordPress Security

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Read on to find out why you need WordPress security.

WordPress powers about 35 million of the world’s self-hosted websites – about 15% of the total sites on the Internet.  About 5% of the top 10,000 sites use WordPress.

Wordpress Security

There are many compelling reasons why WordPress is a great choice for small business websites:

WordPress is Open Source software which means the core system can be used free of charge.

WordPress is easy to set up and easy to use. Most web hosting companies provide you with the ability to set up your new website in a few minutes, in many cases with one click of your mouse. Once installed, managing WordPress is straightforward. It is easy add and edit the content on your website yourself. You don’t need to know how to program with HTML. And you can automatically update to the latest version.

You can change the look and feel of WordPress by using one of thousands of free or commercial “themes” that make your website look like a “normal” website rather than a blog.

There are thousands of free (and commercial) “plugins” that extend the functionality of WordPress. You don’t need to hire a developer, but if you do, WordPress developers are available worldwide.

WordPress is one of the few website development packages that meets all of the current Internet website development standards.

WordPress is “SEO friendly”. Advanced SEO techniques require a few tweaks, but the key SEO functions are free with WordPress and make it easy for Internet search engines to find and index your website.

WordPress support is exceptional – and mostly free – via the hundreds of thousands of users in the WordPress community

Critics of WordPress typically mention the following shortcomings:


We agree that WordPress security is a valid concern. WordPress Security is not too different to setting up your computer for Internet access. Successful systems like WordPress are a target for computer hackers. Like all successful mainstream software suppliers WordPress regularly releases updates to fix security holes.

While the updates are automatic, each update requires a small amount of scheduled maintenance.  To deal with WordPress security issues we offer an initial WordPress Security Audit plus a low-cost ongoing WordPress Security Update service.

Your WordPress website is “bullet-proofed” and you can rest easy while you take advantage of the many benefits WordPress provides – usually at a fraction of the cost of a custom-developed solution.


One downside to updates is that there is always a risk they will “break” your site – especially if you are using a customised theme. To minimise the chances of this happening we recommend our clients only use secure and market-proven themes from mainstream software vendors.

We spend thousands of dollars each year testing WordPress related themes, so if you are considering developing your own WordPress site from scratch, feel free to get in touch for an obligation-free discussion about the best tools to suit your situation.


These are extensions to WordPress written by third-party developers. Each plug-in adds functionality to WordPress. Some plug-ins have security issues. From time to time, plugins can conflict with each other and with core WordPress updates.

WordPress is not the only mainstream software facing these issues. Our approach is straightforward. We also spend thousands of dollars a year testing WordPress plugins. As a result we have developed a “best of breed” library of secure plugins from reliable developers that cover a huge range of functions.

Not every client needs every plugin in our library, but every client gets the plugins they need in order to develop their website securely and cost-effectively. And we don’t use new plugins unless we have tested them on our own sites first.  Our policy is to “eat our own dog food”.


The lack of an official WordPress Help Desk is one criticism levelled at WordPress by vendors offering branded “commercial” website development tools. We think clients who invest in our competitively-priced website development services and choose our ongoing support options get the best of both worlds. Though we are based in NZ, and we can pick the brains of thousands of WordPress developers around the world on behalf of our clients within 24 hours.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

One of the persistent myths put forward by custom software developers about WordPress is that it does not give you the same SEO control possible via a custom website, and that “full” search engine optimisation is impossible. This is simply not the case. Besides, on-site SEO is only a relatively small part of the overall SEO process.

After 15 years of developing custom sites and WordPress sites, we know both sides of this argument.


People with an axe to grind about WordPress often state that it is “bloatware” – software designed to do too many things for too many people and that as a result it slows down web server performance. Sure, if you don’t know what you are doing, any website – custom or WordPress – might run slowly.

But more often than not, performance is related to things outside the website itself – like how many sites share your physical web server, the server hardware, network congestion, and so on. (We recommend Hosting Direct based in Auckland – fast servers, great network connections and great value for money.)


Some bespoke developers still believe WordPress is not compatible across all browsers. Bearing in mind that WordPress is 100% standards compliant, any compatibility issues that might occur are unlikely to be due to WordPress – it is more likely to be about non-standard browsers or bad on-page customized code.

That said, if you are looking at a WordPress site via a mobile phone it may not look that good – neither will most websites for that matter! (As an aside, we offer mobile-phone compatible versions of WordPress sites, and non-WordPress .mobi sites, so you can take advantage of the rapidly growing demand for mobile-compliant website content).

Migrating Servers 

Sometimes you need to move a website. Some anti-WordPress evangelists believe that this is a difficult and time consuming task. Any problems we have ever encountered are more to do with the settings used by web hosting service than they are about WordPress. (Another reason why we recommend Hosting Direct based in Auckland.)


Backups are crucial for security. If a problem does arise and you have no backup strategy in place you could lose all your hard work, meaning you would have to rebuild your website from scratch. We provide daily automated backups that are stored on a separate server. By having these backups we can easily restore your site if a problem occurs with a minimum of downtime.

Lookalike WordPress Themes 

WordPress critics say that a lot of WordPress themes look similar – and they do if you choose hard-coded themes that cannot be customised. But we don’t. If, in the unlikely situation we can’t provide a client with a customised WordPress template theme, we won’t hesitate to suggest approaching 100%- custom website designers.  (In these situations we can assume a independent consulting role if required).

Our view is that the ONLY major issue with WordPress is security, so here is how we secure your WordPress website:
  1. We ensure your site is up to date with core WordPress updates, themes, and plugins.
  2. We maintain file security.
  3. We maintain database security.
  4. We configure your WordPress management settings for optimum security.
  5. We install special security plugins that track your site activity and make your site more secure.
  6. We set up automated backup tools to ensure changes to your site are stored safely.

If all this technical talk is meaningless to you, don’t worry – simply put, we can ensure your site is secure within a few days and you can start to rest easy.

To get the ball rolling, contact us for an obligation-free security check of your WordPress website. Simply send us your website address via email. We will get back to you within 2 working days with the results of our Security Audit.

How you secure your WordPress website investment and protect it from outsiders is then up to you, but of course we hope that you will choose us to deliver your WordPress Security.

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