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For many people your website will be the first contact they have with your business.Website Design

So your website needs to make a good first impression with your potential clients.

Creating a site that gives users what they are looking for in a well-designed way creates more business for you. So do your best to get it right first time.

At MegaCam we build websites with purpose. We aim for high converting designs that provide an excellent visitor experience, and that are aesthetically pleasing.  Putting things another way – we ensure your site will bring you increased business while reinforcing your brand.

To provide you with the right kind of website for your business, we research;

  • Your businesses personality and how you want to be seen via the internet
  • Your objectives for your website – what you hope to achieve
  • Your target audience characteristics and how this translates into your overall website design

At MegaCam we do our best to create professional sites cost effectively.

For a start, we focus on the WordPress platform.

The advantages of WordPress include;

  • WordPress is an easy to use “content management system”. This means you can control your data, and add or edit your web site, once we have finished your website development. (As a rule of thumb, if you can use a word processor you should be able to manage your WordPress-based site once it is set up)
  • We have a wide range of add-in software called plug-ins to choose from that let us quickly enhance your website, and usually at low/no cost.

We offer combination package deals by including a customized mobile website alongside your “main” website. Having a mobile site is a definite need for any business. Within the next 18 months Google expects 50% of online traffic to come from mobile devices, so it’s crucial you have a website that looks good on mobile devices.

Talk to us today on (07)808-0411 or email us to find our more.  (If you need more convincing of how important mobile websites are read here.)

We usually choose one 3 approaches when creating websites.  (If you decide you want to try a DIY approach, check out our reference library here. It contains access to resources that can help you create an effective website for your business. )

Option 1: Customised WordPress Templates

We develop your website using one of our extremely flexible and infinitely customizable WordPress templates to provide you with a unique and personalized design. While this is not our full selection of templates it is a sneak peek into what we can offer your business. Of course if you decide you want a site built from scratch, we can help you out there too.

Feel free to take any of our themes for a test drive.

 Click Here to View Our Template Gallery

Option 2: Free WordPress Templates

There are huge array of free WordPress themes online, you can search their database here . Although we prefer to work with our own templates, if you find one here (or anywhere else) that fits your business perfectly we can help you modify your chosen template so it better suits your business.

Option 3: Premium WordPress Templates

You can check out these premium template sites. These sites sell premium themes which range in pricing;

* Please note we are not an affiliate of any of these websites, and we only offer these sites to expand your choice. In no way are we attached or responsible for these websites and their themes.

(If you need help, we are happy to work with you to make the most of these 3rd party themes.)

We hope this overview of our approach to web design has been useful.

Of course, having a well-designed website is a great way to improve your business profits, but unless your website gets seen it can all go to waste if nobody ever visits!

Which is why we offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to help get your website in front of customers – which of course improves your return on your website investment. You can read more about how to get your website seen here.

Thanks for taking the time to check out what MegaCam has to offer you and your business.

We hope to work alongside you in the near future.

You can contact us here or give us a call on (07)808-0411.


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