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SEO Services

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SEO Services

SEO Services are aimed at increasing the number of interested visitors to your website AND maximising the chance your site visitors will take positive action after they arrive at your website.

A SEO Services Company like ours uses a range of techniques to attract visitors to your site and to encourage your site visitors to take action.

We see ourselves as a marketing company, so we do our best to make sure that your website marketing aligns with your overall media management and your marketing budget.

We pride ourselves on providing affordable SEO services that provide you with proven results. We aim to provide you with a full service SEO experience.

It may be best for your business for us to focus on getting top rankings in search engines like Google. If that’s the case, we have a number of ways to make sure that your website rankings are achieved.

Or, it may make sense to include Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) SEO Services.  In some cases it may even be best to use a PPC campaign as the main way to attract visitors to your website.

And of course, with the massive growth of sites like Facebook and Pinterest, SEO Services now need to take account of social media management strategies too.

When you get it right, the benefits are HUGE. Compared with most forms of offline advertising and marketing, a campaign put together by a reputable SEO Services Company provides you with some significant benefits:

  • You know ahead of time how many visitors you can expect to your website
  • You know what your website visitors are looking for when they arrive
  • Your advertising and marketing Return on Investment (ROI) can be accurately calculated
  • You can quickly test your offers online at a low cost and fine tune them accordingly
  • You can leap ahead of your competition by getting to customers first

MegaCam offers a range of SEO Services to clients. In most cases we are happy to work alongside your current website designers.

Keyword Research – We identify the best search terms for your business

Website Blueprints – We map out an optimised structure for your website

Search Engine Rankings – We can tell you ahead of time what it will take

On-Page Optimization – We make sure your pages look good to the search engines

Social Media SEO Services – We leverage Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for you

Link Building – We develop/maintain optimum Internal/External linking structures

Local Search – We can employ a powerful combination of tactics to increase local sales.

Video Marketing – Done well, on-site video can improve your business – cost-effectively

Website Audits – We provide you with a ToDo list to lift your website performance

Website Security – We tweak your website protect your investment from hacking

Monthly Search Ranking Reports – We provide you with performance feedback

Web Analytics – We analyse your site performance. What works. What doesn’t.

YouTube marketing – We help get your clip to the first page of YouTube AND Google.

Mobile-friendly websites – 50% of searches will be via mobiles in 2014. Are you ready?

Landing Page optimisation – We scientifically improve the performance of your pages

Some of our SEO services are “standard packages” – i.e.  SEO services at standard prices. Examples include Website Security and Mobile-friendly websites. These types of services provide significant benefits to existing websites and are competitively priced.

In addition to the types of SEO packages mentioned above we also offer custom website development and we develop social media campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

We strongly favour developing new websites using the WordPress platform. We are used to developing new websites on a joint venture basis – i.e. we take the development risk but we share in the profits as a partner.  (Contact us for a confidential and obligation-free conversation – whether your project has a Local, National, or International focus, no job is too big, no job is too small.)

Irrespective of the type or the size of SEO Service, we provide you with a single point of contact. Your designated MegaCam contact liaises with the rest of the MegaCam team. This means you get personal attention from someone with a deeper understanding of your particular requirements.

This “one-on-one” approach gives us the opportunity to learn more about your business and your industry. As a result, where applicable, we are able to create a customised plan that provides you with SEO Services with options that make the most of your budget.

We appreciate that you might have what appears to be a less expensive alternative to the products and services we offer.

So why would you want to choose us?

  • Each year we spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours testing new software and new SEO techniques, right across the board. We are not a “one trick pony” pushing SEO techniques that are long past their use by date, or worse still, “back hat” SEO techniques that could get your site delisted from Google.
  • While we cannot guarantee success (no-one can) we can provide you with a realistic view of what to expect in terms of website traffic, conversions etc – BEFORE you spend any money
  • By hiring us you will save yourself time and money. Instead of you trying to run two businesses at the same time, you can continue to focus on your business. And so will we.
  • We are a website marketing company offering affordable SEO services that will help your business prosper.  We appreciate that you want top rankings and proven results.  It is our role as a SEO services company to make sure your rankings are achieved.
  • We are flexible enough to work within the constraints of your current media management mix and marketing budget to help you achieve top rankings.
  • We are a services company offering a mix of full service SEO as well as a wide range of standard-price services, social media management, and pay per click marketing SEO services.

Contact us for an obligation-free chat about how we can help you prosper with our range of SEO services.

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