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Our Services

Our aim is to get you more customers and more sales.

Our specialist website products and services include:

By themselves, each of our services can make you more money. But when you use different combinations of them, your earnings can go through the roof.

Website Design

For many people your website will be the first contact they have with your business. So your website needs to make a good first impression with your potential clients. Creating a site that gives users what they are looking for in a well-designed way creates more business for you. So do your best to get it right first time.

At MegaCam we build websites with purpose.

We aim for high converting designs that provide an excellent visitor experience, and that are aesthetically pleasing.  Putting things anther way – we ensure your site will bring you increased business while reinforcing your brand.

WordPress Themes

Check out our WordPress Theme gallery. We have a snapshot of some of our themes we work with. You can even take them for a test drive, they are all live demo’s. Check them out here.

Local Internet Marketing

The vast majority of people contact businesses they find via local Internet searches. If you aren’t on Page 1 of Google’s search results then you are losing sales to your competitors. That’s why we want our “local” clients to dominate Google “Local Search” results.

Our aim is to have your business  appear 3 or more times on Google’s front page – not just once. To do this we use a combination of:

Our policy is to work with only one client per industry in each town or city suburb (one dentist, one restaurant, etc), so we operate on a “first in, first served” basis. Our pricing for local clients varies according to the effort involved, but our initial audit is 100% obligation-free i.e. you receive a FREE confidential snapshot of exactly where you are right now.

Then, assuming you want to move forward, we develop your customised Local Internet Marketing Plan for a fixed price. Once underway we provide you with weekly progress reports against a fixed price schedule. You’ll see the benefits of Google+ Local/ AdWords/Local Search at different stages, with the first phase typically completed within 3 months.

Once the initial AdWords/Local/Search phase is over we operate on a retainer basis so we can continue to make you money.

SEO Services 

For the vast majority of businesses, if you are not on page 1 of the search engine results, you may as well be nowhere. And if your website traffic is not targetted, you’re wasting your time and money. It’s that simple.

Our approach to SEO is slightly different to many companies.

We don’t just offer a “5 page website” with a canned menu structure. We develop website structures using state of the art optimisation techniques that put your website in front of hungry buyers and make it easy for them to contact you directly.

Our objective is to create a website that gets FREE website traffic – so you don’t have to continually spend money on Internet advertising. Sure, sometimes that does mean a 5-page website, but the people seeing your website in the search engines are potential buyers, not just casual web surfers.

Our websites mean business! Small “SEO-optimised” are typically 10-15 pages. Larger sites might run to over 100 pages. It all depends on how your business makes money.

Because our SEO Services are so dependent on search patterns, we like to give you an obligation-free overview of what we think will ensure success. If it still makes sense to move forward, we will then provide you with a fixed-price quote to develop your optimized website blueprint.

Your blueprint will include a structured and optimised “menu” of the search terms we intend to target, and the expected number of visitors landing on each page each month.

Pricing for website blueprints starts at NZ$395+GST but can run into thousands, depending on how your business makes money and your competition on the Internet. Assuming you agree on the website blueprint, we then provide you with a fixed price quote to develop your website pages and to provide you with ongoing SEO services for your site.

Please note that while our “one local client per industry” policy applies, this does not preclude us from offering SEO Services to local individuals and companies selling into national and international markets.

Google+ Local

You have probably noticed that since early June 2012 changes have been taking place with local search results appearing on page one of Google. And, if you’re a business with a Google Places or Google+ Local listing, you’ll have noticed changes there too.

The reason for the change is that Google has decided to push it’s social network, Google+. Google has tried a couple of times to get into the social media world and has failed. This time it’s their “big play”. Google is going to make it work and they are in the process of forcing it to work.

We can help you with the change, and get your Google+ Local listing to the top of Google. Call us today on (07)808-0411 or email us here.

Mobile Websites

Our aim is to get you more customers and more sales. If we can’t persuade you to invest in mobile-compliant content or a mobile-specific website, then we have failed!It’s really that simple. Here’s why.

If you haven’t got mobile sorted by 2015, you’ll be losing about half the business available via the Internet to your competitors. (Our 2012 clients are already getting more than 50% of their traffic via mobile phones!)

While we can create a mobile-compliant, user-friendly, version of your content on your existing website, we strongly recommend your consider a standalone .mobi website that is 100% mobile-compliant. Development of a .mobi website is not too different to a normal website. The basics stages are:

  • Purpose – Confirm what you want out of your .mobi website
  • SEO Design – Confirm Keywords, Menu Structure and Page Content
  • Confirm Interface Design (you can choose from a large library of highly customisable templates or we can design from scratch)
  • Develop – When coding we ensure your content is easily visible/useable via a small screen
  • Promote – Linking / Facebook etc
  • Track – Ongoing detailed performance reports

Development of .mobi websites, using existing content, starts at $395+GST.

Once your .mobi site is operational the ongoing cost is about $11+GST a month for hosting and your domain name.

Developing your own .mobi website is a great investment considering you stand to lose 50% or more of your Internet traffic in the next couple of years otherwise.

QR Codes

As more and more of your customers get smartphones, the potential for QR Codes in your business will grow. The sooner you integrate QR Codes into your business processes, the more likely you are to stay ahead of your competitors.

Staying ahead means more customers and higher sales.

You can easily create your own QR Codes. Use Google to search for ‘QR Code Generator’ and pick one of the sites in the results. A word of caution – it’s important to remember though that creating QR Codes is usually only a small part of your overall solution.

We can take QR Codes beyond sticky labels and cost-effectively link them with your online marketing campaigns. Your QR Codes become the tip of a sales funnel iceberg.

WordPress Security

15% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress which is one of the reasons WordPress is our preferred development platform. The only major issue with WordPress is security. And we have that covered.  

If your website is powered by WordPress, here’s what we do to secure it.

  • We get your core WordPress version, themes, and plugins up to date.
  • We secure your files.
  • We secure your database.
  • We optimise your WordPress security settings.
  • We install special security plugins that track your site activity and enhance your site security.
  • We set up automated backups to safely store a copy of your entire site.

We charge an initial one-time fee of $195+GST and then optionally keep your WordPress website in top shape for $75+GST per month.

Online Video Marketing

Using video in your marketing mix can improve your chances of your site appearing at the top of search engine results, leading to more customers and more sales. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars.

A great way to introduce people to your business is a simple video slide show containing photos (from image libraries or your own) with background music and a professional male/female voice- over in an accent of your choice. PowerPoint presentations work too. 100% video clips are a more expensive option. But they let your audience see the real you – if you like – your business behind the scenes. That builds trust, and people don’t buy from you unless they trust you.

We don’t produce these more advanced videos in-house. We partner with people we have worked with for over 15 years. They have professional crews and can provide a “soup to nuts” service – scripting, talent, production, music, and post production.

Including videos created by other people in your website is another option. As long as you are not trying to “pass off” the clips, you win because your site visitors stay longer and the originator of the video wins because they gain extra exposure. “How To” videos are always popular.

Direct Marketing Video campaigns are another option we can offer. These involve sending individualised videos directly to your customers or sales prospects. It’s a cost-effective way to get their attention.

And of course we can track who opens their videos so you know exactly when to call. Linking your video pages to Facebook campaigns is also an option we offer. This approach can make your video and your website go “viral”.

While we’re not promising millions of viewers around the world for your video, we can safely say that your visitors will be promoting your website to their friends for free – which is a good thing – especially in your local market.

Click here to get in touch to arrange an obligation-free conversation about how our various online video marketing services can help you get more customers and more sales.

YouTube Marketing

Yes – you can get your video seen by millions of people! We know at least one strategy that will do this, but it’s not for everyone, so we are limiting it to just a handful of musically-inclined people. Creating “viral” videos is another option to get massive traffic via YouTube – but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

We are happy to offer our advice, but this strategy is so hit and miss, we can’t guarantee results. But, if you have spent money on an existing YouTube video that is not performing, chances are that with a little work we can get it to the top of YouTube for all but the most competitive terms.

And we will tell you ahead of time how long it will take to do that and why.You can then decide whether it is worth it. Better still, we can develop integrated YouTube marketing plans for your business before you spend money on production.

We can tell you what subjects to cover, what is required to get your clip to the top of YouTube for your selected search phrases, and how to use YouTube to send buyers to your website.

Again, our focus is on getting you more customers and more sales. And if you like the video medium (and it likes you), we can show you how to become the “Go To” person in your industry – locally, nationally, or world-wide. Our YouTube marketing plans will show you exactly what it takes in terms of time and money to succeed, as well as your potential rewards.  

So, if you want to take your YouTube marketing beyond your 15 minutes of fame, click here to get in touch with us for an obligation-free discussion.

Professional Photography

Your business website can be greatly enhanced when you include professional photos and great looking video slide shows. We pride ourselves in providing an innovative and complete photography solution, with photos that showcase your business at its best, and the people behind it.

If you want some high quality photos taken of your business, or of a business event give us a call on (07)808-0411 or email us here.

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