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Mobile WebsitesMobile websites are websites that display properly on mobile devices like Android phones or Apple iPhones.

Mobile internet usage is exploding – by 2014 Google expects more than 50% of the search requests it processes will be coming from mobile devices.

Industry studies show that 80% of people abandon a website if they have a bad user experience. So, by 2014, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you are likely to be losing 40% of your web business to your competitors.

Most mobile users will only wait 5 seconds for a page to load – most mobile pages take longer than that. You need a fresh, functional and fast loading mobile site to convert your visitors into profit.

If your mobile site takes more than 5 seconds to load you are losing leads, customers, and MONEY!

If you are serious about your online reputation, the best time to invest in a mobile-compliant version of your current website, is right now. In fact most businesses should seriously consider developing a second website that is 100% mobile-compliant.

Here’s why:

1.    Google has a completely different search engine for mobile websites.

This search engine views mobile websites differently to the way it “sees” ordinary websites i.e. to Google, mobile websites are totally different to “desktop” websites. Google’s mobile search engine was developed specifically for mobile devices.

Although many of the results shown currently shown on this new search engine are essentially the same as, Google has indicated it will soon begin only display content that is optimised for mobile devices like phones.

So, to even be seen in the Google mobile search results you will need a website that has been created using the appropriate settings, functionality, and code. Bearing in mind that 50% of searches will be from mobile devices by 2014, the sooner you get started, the sooner you will be seen!

2.   You make your business website accessible to brand new clients

61% of the global population owns a mobile phone, but not everyone has access to a web-enabled computer.

You don’t want to miss out on this web traffic. Given that Google believes that by 2014 mobiles will overtake desktops as the main devices used to connect to the internet, it’s doesn’t make sense to have just an ordinary website that less than 50% of people will be able to navigate.

A mobile website will open your business to an audience of people who are on the move which means your website can be accessed from anywhere.

Because a mobile website is designed and developed with mobility in mind you are better placed to give users the right information in the right format at the right time, which of course significantly increases the likelihood that they will take action.

With higher site visitor to customer conversion ratios because your mobile site is designed uses less bandwidth than desktop-centric websites and therefore performs faster, the information on your site is more easily found, and site visitors end up happier, improving your customer service and reputation levels.

3.    If you act now, you can stand out from your competitors by being one of the few businesses to cater to the growing mobile audience.

95% of websites aren’t mobile friendly and render incorrectly – which means that 80% of their site visitors will go somewhere else to make a purchase.

Getting in early fast not only makes you appear to have that special something and appear different from your competitors, it also means you improve your chances of securing the top position for keywords that are near impossible to reach in searches.

Snatch up the leads your competitors are missing out on! We believe that every business should have a mobile friendly site. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, contact us for an obligation-free discussion.

Test your website now on this FREE tool

If you are unsure what your current website looks like on a mobile device simply click this link and use the tool provided by Google  to view your website.

You should be able to see all of your website information without zooming in. All images and videos should be visible and playable.

Your site should load reasonably fast. You should be able to navigate easily (remember that mobile users use their thumbs to navigate a website). And you should not need to scroll horizontally. If you have problems with any of the above, contact us right away.

Depending on your requirements we can create a mobile compliant version of your website within a few days and probably at a fraction of the cost of developing your original website.

Take our MegaCam mobile website for a test drive here

3 ways to create a mobile-friendly experience for your website visitors

You have 3 choices if you want a mobile-compliant version of your current website content:

Sub-domain option – Assuming your current web hosting allows it, we redirect mobile visitors to a sub-domain of your current website. You save on additional hosting charges and domain name registration costs.

It is debatable whether your website will rank well in Google mobi-specific search engine, but your site visitors will see content that is optimized for their devices. The addresses of your mobile content pages would look something like this:

Sub-directory option - We can make your mobile-compliant content part of your existing domain by storing your mobile-friendly content in a sub-directory. The option should work for any existing site. You will save money on domain name registration fees and additional website hosting fees.

Like the sub-domain option above, your mobile content may not rank well in the Google mobi-specific search engine, but your site visitors will see content that is optimized for their devices. The content addresses would look like this:

.mobi Domain option– This option has a downside of being more expensive than the previous two choices. At NZ current rates, around $11+GST a month on an annual basis would cover a new .mobi domain and hosting. The benefits:

  • a guarantee that your content will be indexed by the Google mobi-specific search engine
  • there are plenty of great .mobi domain names still available. Having an “exact match” domain name should help your search engine rankings.
  • you can redirect visitors from your .mobi site to your regular website
  • you have additional linking options that can help with your search engine ranking efforts
The Bottom Line We think every website should have a complementary mobile-friendly equivalent.
Each option has advantages and disadvantages, but we think paying $11+GST a month to ensure you can see found AND seen by than 50% of Internet users in 2014 is a great investment.
We therefore strongly recommend you to register a .mobi domain name as soon as possible.To discuss mobile-friendly content options for your website, or for obligation-free advice about how to select the best .mobi domain name for your business, click here to contact us now about mobile websites.

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