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Local Internet Marketing

Local internet marketing is about taking your business online and turning your local website visitors into new customers. And it’s about turning your existing Local Internet Marketingcustomers into raving fans.

Compared with other marketing options, getting your business online is a smart move – and it is now more cost effective than ever.

Our aim is to have our “local” clients listed least three times on the front page of Google.

To do this we use a combination of:

  • Google+ Local Pages,
  • Google AdWords and,
  • Google Search Results.

Our Local Internet Marketing Policy is to work with client per industry in each town or city area. (For example, in Hamilton we will only ever promote one dentist or one restaurant or one Motel via Google+ Local Pages and/or Google AdWords and/or Google Search.

We recommend you use a combined approach so we can focus exclusively on getting just YOUR business to the top of Google.

Google+ Local – The New Google Places

Google Places has recently been replaced with Google + Local Pages. Existing Google Places listings have been converted into the more powerful Google+ Local Pages.

This change means business owners need to take notice of Google+, and ensure it is part of their online marketing strategy.

Why we love the change

  1. You now have the ability to create a creative landing page for your customers.
  2. You have more control over your data.
  3. The new social aspect to Google+ means you can communicate with your consumers, post content, expand your client base – similar to Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Zagat reviews have been added. Zagat reviews are based on a 30 point scoring system. These reviews split the score into sections such as service, food etc., and offering a more detailed review system.
  5. Google+ Local pages can be found in more places than the original Google Places. You can now find your website via, Google Maps, mobile apps, or direct searches through Google+.

Here are a few of the reasons you need a high-ranking Google+ Local Page:

A top-ranking Google+ Local Page is a great way to start your local internet marketing effort. According to Google 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. So if your Google+ Local Page is not on the front page of Google you are missing out on some serious business!

Google+ Local Pages are a free service from Google. You can add photos and videos to your account. You can promote special offers, interact with your customers, maintain live updates, and set up interactive customer reviews. And you can track what keywords your visitors are searching for, and from where, so you can improve your website designs.

Here’s how we can help:

We can get your Google+ Local Page to the top of the Google results. Sure, it takes time and money, but getting your business into the first page of Google and keeping it there is a very cost-effective alternative to the Yellow Pages.

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Google AdSense

In addition to Google Places we offer Google AdSense Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising consulting services to increase your local internet market presence.  Managed correctly, Like Google Places, AdSense advertising can be a VERY cost-effective sales lead generator when compared with Yellow Pages.

Here’s a YouTube case-study about a Brisbane-based glass company comparing Google AdWords , Google Search, and Yellow Pages advertising costs per lead. While it is probably a biased presentation, it is a good overview of how to compare the cost-effectiveness of each option.

Google Search Results

One interesting point made in the video above is that Google AdWords provides more leads and much better value than ‘free organic search’. This may be the case for the Brisbane company, but this does not mean that you should ignore search engines as part of your local internet marketing strategy – far from it!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is well-established on the internet marketing landscape.

 “Local SEO” involves a number of interwoven techniques used to get your website to the top of Google’s search results for specific search terms used by people in your local area. While some on-going maintenance is a good investment, after your website has been “optimised”, you get a continuous stream of “free” visitors to your business website

For example, if a person in Auckland needs a dentist they will most likely use a search engine and type in search terms like “dentists in auckland” or “northshore dentists”. Or, they might type in something very specific like “free dental checks in auckland city”.  Obviously the dentists that appear in the first few places of the search results for their local area are likely to get their business.

In fact 40% of people click on the #1 result for a Google search. So, the higher your website ranks for the words your customers use to find and buy your products and services, the better your chances of making a sale.

Most local websites are not set up properly for the search engines. (Some estimates say over 90%).  So by using our local SEO services the chances are we can get you ahead of your competition – no matter what their size.

Local SEO need not be a hugely expensive task compared to other media promotion options, but you do need to get it right. And of course that is where we come in.

Bottom line – if you are not ranking well on Google, the chances are you are missing out on some serious revenue while your competitors are laughing all the way to the bank.

What local internet marketing mix is best for you? What’s the next step? 

The next step is to click here and send us your contact details so we can have an obligation-free conversation.

Assuming we have no conflict of interest (i.e. we are not working with one of your competitors), our first step we get an overview of your business and your goals.

If you already have a website, in most cases we are happy to work alongside your current website designers – that’s your choice. If you prefer us to be discreet, we can check your Google Places Listing, analyse your Pay Per Click advertising, and your Local SEO efforts, without contacting your existing website team.

You can expect us to get back to you within a couple of business days with our report and our preliminary recommendations.  You can then decide what to do next based on our independent analysis.

Other Local Internet Marketing Services

Google Places, Pay Per Click and Local SEO are not the only kinds of online marketing services we can use to boost your online reputation. While the following list of local marketing services is derived from mainstream internet marketing strategies, there are some important differences. For example, compared to “mainstream” internet marketing:

  • Keyword Research – Local keyword search terms usually include your location
  • Website Blueprints – Your website structure may be product orientated rather than brand
  • Search Engine Rankings – Google Maps and testimonials become more important
  • On-Page Optimisation – Optimisation is still important, but it can be far more targeted
  • Social Media – You can use Facebook/Twitter to deepen “bricks and mortar” relationships
  • Link Building – Your to/from links tend to reflect your “real world” relationships
  • Video Marketing – Your calls to action can cost-effectively link to in-store promotions
  • Website Audits – The focus is on whether you are really set up for local internet marketing
  • Monthly Search Ranking Reports – These focus on tracking your local online reputation.
  • Web Analytics – Typically focus more on linking website clicks to in-store sales.
  • YouTube marketing – Linking to local events or “localising” product tips.
  • Mobile-friendly websites – You can make it easy for new customers to find you via phones.
  • Landing Page optimization – You can easily leverage laser targeted, time-limited, coupons

We hope you have been able to provide a taste of the kind of Local Internet Marketing SEO Services that MegaCam can provide to you and your business.

Your next step is to contact us to arrange for an obligation-free conversation.  We are looking forward to letting you know more about our Local Internet Marketing services.

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