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Google+ Local

Google Places gets social with Google+ Local for businessesGoogle+ Local

You have probably noticed that since early June 2012 changes have been taking place with local search results appearing on page one of Google.

And, if you’re a business with a Google Places or Google+ Local listing, you’ll have noticed changes there too.

The reason for the change is that Google has decided to push it’s social network, Google+. Google has tried a couple of times to get into the social media world and has failed. This time it’s their “big play”. Google is going to make it work and they are in the process of forcing it to work.

In early June 2012 Google took every single Google Places listing and moved it.

Now all of Google’s business listings are in the Google+ Local framework.

Do not panic. Stay Calm. Your Google Places listing is still there. Google have simply migrated your existing information into the new Google+ Local format.

But, if you own a business, there are a few of things that you need to do.

An absolute MUST is that you are going to need to create a personal Google+ account and then, via your Google+ account, go and “claim” your old business listing so that you can manage it going forward. This is the #1 thing that you need to do – and you should do it as soon as possible.

The merging of Google business pages into the Google+ Local is proof that Google intends to begin leveraging social media links.

Links from social media user accounts, in particular Google+ accounts, will become key backlinks that help provide “social proof” for your web properties and therefore help to propel your business listing (and website) on to page one of Google.

Prior to June 2012 backlinks helping to build popularity and credibility for your Google Places listing or your website could come from pretty much anywhere on the web.

Google+ Local is a fundamental shift by Google towards using social media links, in particular of course, Google+ social media links.

So now more than ever, in addition to having links to/from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you need to take account of Google+ links.

And of course, links to/from Google+ accounts arguably have more weight because Google controls the links between world’s biggest search engine AND their own social media platform.

Moving forward you have to consider a presence on Google+.

Google+ Local pages are similar to Google Places in the sense that they allow you to upload photos and reviews etc, and of course let you link to Google maps.

But from now on, where you appear in the search results will depend very much on how your Google+ Local profile and your website work together.

Where to from here?

Get a Google+ link on your website. (Similar to the now familiar Facebook “Like” buttons.) Identity is a core driver. Instead of just having a website, by embracing Google+ Local you have more “identity” because you have a Google+ badge on your site that says “We have a Google+ page”. That matters to Google.

Apply authorship tags to your website. Authorship tags help Google understand that you have control and authorship of your web site. And they help Google to better understand the relationship between your Google+ Local listing and your website.

Simply put, a website with identified authors has much more “identity” than just a standalone website.

Accordingly a website with a Google+ Local page AND different Google+ verified author profiles will significantly enhance your reputation with Google – which in turn means better search results for your website and your Google+ Local page.

(Obviously you will need to have set up a Google+ account for each author before you start applying Authorship tags. Click here  or here  for more information. Of course, if this is all too technical, get in touch with us or get your current web designer involved.)

Customer Reviews are more important than ever. This is a fundamental shift. Any existing reviews set up on Google+ are effectively de-indexed. Old review links are anonymous and will not show up in Google results the way they used to. Now Google+ Local only accepts reviews from people who have a Google+ account.

To summarise, the world has not ended, but this is a fundamental shift in what is driving page one results in Google. Getting involved now, before your competitors wake up, will provide you with a huge business advantage.

This is the kind of information we need in order to do a great job for your business.

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