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Customer Value

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Lifetime Value of a Customer
ADollar Amount of Average Sale
BNo. of Sales per Year
CNo. of Years a Customer
DAdditional Customer Referrals per Year
E% of Referrals Who Become Customers
FGross Sales per Year per Customer (A x B)$0
GGross Sales Over Lifetime (F x C)$0
HNew Customers Annually from Referrals0.0
ILifetime Sales from Referrals (H x C x G)$0
JTotal Value of a Loyal Customer (I + G)$0

Check out this worked example

To many businesses the value of a customer is the amount the customer spent on their last purchase.

But look what happens when you take account of the lifetime value of a customer and the impact of their referrals on your business. It shows how the REAL value of a customer spending $20 a fortnight can be worth $26,400, and how improving each factor by 15% more than DOUBLES the lifetime value of the average “$20” customer to $59,164!

Get in touch to find out how you can use your website to increase the lifetime value of YOUR customers. 

Profit Calculator - Value Of A Customer


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